Hi, We’re the Chili Peppers!

Created and curated by two Postgraduates in Professional Photography from Light & Life Academy, Ooty.

Why are you here?

We know you are here for a reason! because you believe (as we do) that capturing the right moments, filming the impeccable jiffies through photography makes a difference. Be it adding depth and meaning to life or just keeping love in a simple photograph, once you turn back the pages in your life today or years down the road, memories matter and there time is forever frozen, for you to cherish your nostalgia.

What do we do the best?

We understand what you need, your project, and your requirements and simply put, we do that best. We are currently focussing on specialized photo reports for various Travel and Lifestyle Fashion magazines. Furthermore, we engage in Food Photography from time to time to deliver the best aesthetics out of a lovely dish. Capturing the essence of its appetite appeal helps us commercialize our thought and knowledge in the process.

We are also contemporary photographers with a passion for exotic destinations. Traveling to various destinations exploring vast boundaries helps us understand different people. That, in turn, helps us convert their emotions and thoughts into our photos.

What can we promise?

We don’t see photography as a just business, we see it as art and we cannot imagine anything better than doing what we love! Living every day through what we believe in.

Every client is special and building a trustworthy and long-term relationship with them is our highest priority. Feel free to write to us (or) fill up the contact form if you feel we can work together. We would love to connect with you and start a project!

With spice and color,

Chili Peppers.